2nd Congress of the European Academy of ORL and Head & Neck Surgery, Nice, France

27 April 2013 - 30 April 2013  |  International  |  

Contact Person: MCO Congres, Anne Capelle
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Contact Phone: +33 4 95 09 38 00

ESPO President support message

As President of ESPO and on behalf of all members of the Board, I encourage all our colleagues who are interested in Pediatric ENT to participate in the 2nd Congress of the European Academy of ORL and Head & Neck Surgery, to be held in Nice, April 2013.

The European Society of Pediatric ORL (ESPO), as a member of the European Academy, will be actively involved during this Congress, organizing several panels and instructional sessions with the most controversial topics of Pediatric ENT at the present time, with contributions in each topic from experts in the field.

In Barcelona 2011 we had the first Congress of the Academy, in which there was participation by many specialists and trainees. We now have the opportunity to gather a large number of experts in Pediatric ENT at the 2nd EAORL-HNS Congress. See you in Nice 27-30 April 2013

Warmest regards

Javier Cervera
President of ESPO

Pr Jacques Magnan

Chairman of the 2nd EAORL-HNS & CEORL, Nice 27-30 April 2013

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