Interacoustics Academy Vestibular Seminar, Auckland, 30. and 31.3.2017

30 March 2017 - 31 March 2017  |  Auckland  |   Attachment: NZ Vestibular Seminar March 2017.pdf (3.69 MB)

See flyer attached


We are pleased to invite you to a training course with a focus on examination, diagnosis and treatment of dizzy patients.

This two-day course is a combination of theory, practical exercises and cases, hosted in co-operation with the Interacoustics Academy



· Dr Soren Hansen, ENT surgeon from Rigshospitalet, Denmark

· Michael Maslin PhD, Audiologist and International Clinical Trainer from Interacoustics Academy Denmark.


By the end of the course, participants will have gained an understanding of:

· Provision and service development for balance assessment and rehabilitation

· Routine and advanced vestibular test options including the new TRV chair for use in diagnosis and treatment of BPPV, and the new computerised SVV test for assessment of otolith function.

· How to interpret the test results and choose appropriate management options by the discussion of case studies and example data.

The target group of the course is everybody who works with treatment of dizzy patients in connection with examination, treatment and follow-up.
The content will be suitable as an introduction to adult balance assessment for those new to the field, and as a refresher for anyone already involved. As technical terms will be used, it is suggested that a basic knowledge of balance organ physiology will already be present. If you are concerned, we can provide some prior reading recommendations. You are also free to contact us after the seminar for further insight and support on any of the concepts covered in the course. Please also visit for further e-learning support on a range of audiological and vestibular tests and their application,s and contact ECS for access to a full range of demo equipment.

We enclose a flyer with further details, a complete agenda and instructions on how to register.


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