Announcement from the WHO: World Hearing Day 2021

Dear All,

The countdown to World Hearing Day 2021 begins today.  3 March 2021 will mark the launch of the World Report on Hearing and is an opportunity to raise awareness on this topic among policymakers and general public alike.  

The theme of the World Hearing Day is 

Hearing care for ALL!

Screen. Rehabilitate. Communicate’ 

The World Hearing Day 2021 and the World Report on Hearing present a global call for action to address hearing loss and ear diseases across the life course.

The key messages of World Hearing Day 2021 target:

Policy makers

  • The number of people living with unaddressed hearing loss and ear diseases is unacceptable.
  • Timely action is needed to prevent and address hearing loss across the life course.
  • Investing in cost effective interventions will benefit people with hearing loss and bring financial gains to the society. 
  • Governments must act to integrate person-centered ear and hearing care within national health plans for universal health coverage.


General public

  • Good hearing and communication are important at all stages of life
  • Hearing loss (and related ear diseases) can be avoided through preventative actions such as: protection against loud sounds; good ear care practices and immunization.
  • Hearing loss (and related ear diseases) can be addressed when it is identified in a timely manner and appropriate care sought
  • People at risk of hearing loss should check their hearing regularly
  • People having hearing loss (or related ear diseases) should seek care from a health care provider


The announcement depicts the key graphics around which the 2021 World Hearing Day campaign will be based. It is available in the six UN official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian). Thanks to the support of members of the World Hearing Forum, it is also available in in Bengali, Georgian, German, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Javanese, Korean, Portuguese, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Edit-able formats are available upon request. The purpose of doing so is to make it easy for partners to adapt these visuals to suit their own campaigns. If you would like to receive the edit-able formats of the announcement, kindly use the following form.

More information on the campaign will be available on the WHO webpage. Other advocacy materials including flyers, banners will be made launched during the webinars: A glimpse into the World Report on Hearing and the World Hearing Day 2021, on 3-4 November 2020.

All partners and countries are invited to join this initiative by organizing events. A toolkit for planning for World Hearing Day and dissemination of the World Report on Hearing will be available during the webinars in November and registration opened soon after.

We hope that the World Hearing Day 2021 will be a massive call to action. All sectors can demonstrate their leadership by making this year’s event the largest one the country has ever seen and use this opportunity to motivate action.


Kind regards, 

WHO ear and Hearing care team

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Note: The last day to submit your application to join the World Hearing Forum in 2020  is Friday, 30 October. 

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