Cochlear Implant Funding. Disappoinment and frustration

Cochlear Implant Funding

Late last year, Lance Cairns, ENT surgeons, audiologists, researchers and cochlear implant clients all spoke out about the limited funding for cochlear implants in our HEARUS campaign.
They all welcomed the one off funding boost of $6.5 million for the cochlear implant programs and hoped that continued sustainable funding for the programs would be achieved.
In the budget announcement last week it was revealed the government was not continuing with this funding boost to the disappointment and frustration of all those affected, especially adults on the waiting list for a cochlear implant.

Scott McLachlan says...
"I was in no mans land, not knowing when I would be able to restart my life again...that was until I got my cochlear implant just over a year ago. We need help to get the message out there about this level of disparity in access to treatment. It's simply not OK."

Bill Baber, ENT surgeon speaks out...
"For years now, we have been playing God in relation to who can and cannot get a cochlear implant. In this day and age of health, to have such disparity of access to treatment is simply abhorrent." 

HearUs Relaunched
In response to the government's decision not to continue with the additional funding for adult cochlear implants, we have relaunched our HearUs campaign, calling on sustainable funding. To help, simply click on the button below to submit a letter to your MP.