Endorsement for ciprofloxacin 0.3% eye drops, PHARMAC

Thu, 26 Oct 2017


What this means is that ORLHNS who wish to prescribe Ciprofloxacin eye drops must write on the prescription an endorsement indicating that the drops are prescribed for "second line treatment of Chronic Otitis Media". It does not mean that there has to be a swab result (although individual hospital pharmacies may chose to require this). It does mean that the patient should have been treated with an alternative drug first.

If they do not do this then the patient/parent will have to pay the full cost!

The endorsement principle is embedded in section 25 (attached). It ay be appropriate to put out a notice to the membership about this so that they realise they must add an endorsement if they want the prescription to proceed as intended.

Of course this seems a nonsense when Ciprofloxacing appears to be the only non-ototoxic preparation. However, the risk of ototoxicity of "first line " treatments (aminoglygosides) can be reduced by limiting the duration of treatment and restricting treatment to actively discharging ears, as endorsed in the NZSOHNS Guideline.






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