Laryngology Society of Australasia

Sun, 28 Sep 2014

Dear Colleague

I am writing to you as a New Zealand ENT colleague to invite you to join the Laryngology Society of Australasia (LSA). This body was formed in 2012 after the very successful First Australian Asia Pacific Laryngology and Swallowing Conference in Melbourne.

Laryngology as a subspecialty has really come of age over the past few years and there has been an upsurge or interest here and overseas. Several younger members have now returned to New Zealand having done formal Laryngology Fellowships in the US. The purpose of the LSA is to encourage and drive the sub-speciality in Australia and New Zealand and liaise with similar societies internationally and to support bo th research and clinical activities. Bren Dorman is your New Zealand representative and a foundation member of our management committee. Membership is open to all Australian and New Zealand ENT Otolaryngology-Head& Neck Surgeons and Speech-Language Pathologists and Voice Scientists. We also hope to attract persons from other medical specialities with special interest in the larynx, for eg. Respiratory Physicians. The scope of the LSA is the whole gamut of modern Laryngology-benign and malignant, adult and paediatric encompassing voice, airway, swallowing: their medical aspects, both surgical and non-surgical and Speech Pathology intervention.

We believe research is very important and as a manifestation of this have attracted over fifty free papers for our forthcoming conference. Our next meeting-the Second Australasian Asia Pacific Laryngology and Swallowing Conference will be held in Hobart (7th to 9th of November) and we would be delighted if you could join us there also. Three well-known International speakers are attending plus many local presentations as well.

I personally hope that one of our main meetings in the near future will be held in New Zealand. Once again I extend an invitation on behalf of myself and the management committee to you to become a member of the LSA and to attend our forthcoming conference. All details of membership and the conference can be found on our website .I would also be delighted to answer any of your questions either by email to or by mobile on +61 417749337.We do hope you can join us,

Yours sincerely

Malcolm BaxterPresident LSA
Beth Mossman | LSA Secretariat

PO Box 3127

Telephone: +61 2 6252 1200 Facsimile: +61 2 6252 1222 Website: