Pre-op Codeine for 3 year adeno-tonsillectomy child at private hospital in NZ

Mon, 02 Mar 2015

Report in Auckland Herald 26 Feb 2015.

Child mistakenly given 85 mg instead of 8.5 mg of Codeine.....needed stomach washout. Case taken to Health and Disability Commissioner. Nurses disciplined for drug error......BUT ....there was no comment that the drug should not have been prescribed for this child for this surgery at this age.....especially if surgery was indicated for sleep apnea type presentation.
Recommend that members should again be alerted to a voluntary recommended ban on use of Codeine in young children for adeno-tonsillectomy.
No deaths from the cause in NZ but not acceptable practice now in the light of the "Black Box" ban status after several deaths in USA and subsequent worldwide concern.


Lesley Salkeld