The Linsell Richards Education Foundation

Mon, 03 Aug 2020

The Linsell Richards Education Foundation (the Foundation) is a fund set up to commemorate the life of Linsell Richards, a former Member of the Society who served as an Examiner in Otolaryngology for The College, as a Member of the RACS NZ Committee, as NZ Director of Training in Otolaryngology, and as Society President. After his untimely death on 21 June 1986, while still President of the Society, a fund was collected in his memory, in order to continue and develop the academic pursuits in the Specialty. This was achieved by a special collection undertaken for that purpose, which fund remains separate from subscriptions and any administrative funds of the Society.

a. The objects of the Foundation shall be to advance knowledge in the Specialty, and for educational and research purposes, and the funds of the Foundation shall be applied to those objects and purposes. Decisions to award grants should include due consideration of the benefits to the membership as a whole.
b. The funds of the Foundation may be applied generally to educational or research purposes in areas of the Specialty
c. The (LRE) Foundation Committee shall receive and consider all applications for grants from the Fund and any decision to forward such applications to the Society Council shall be made in consultation with the Academic Committee and after obtaining such reports or information as the (LRE) Foundation Committee considers appropriate to the application. Applications submitted by the (LRE) Foundation Committee shall be considered by the Society Council and shall be approved on a simple majority vote.
The LREF Committee consists of four people: the Chair of the Academic Committee, the President, the Treasurer and the President-elect or immediate Past-President (whoever is on the Council that year).

Find the application form here: LREF application form 2020.docx